[PODCAST] 194: Could You Be a Hoarder?

Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer discusses the "bandage" that has been put on hoarding in the recent years and ways to tell if you are a hoarder or a collector.

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1:21 How the hoarding term has been used in the recent years

2:40 Can you utilize the spaces in your home for their intended use?

3:34 How Julie’s clients come to the realization (or not) that they are a hoarder

5:00 The “Shop and Drop” issue

6:12 Hoarding vs. Collecting

7:15 How clients approach Julie with their issues

10:00 Julie’s colleagues with hoarding issues

12:40 The age at which hoarding typically happens

13:10 What NOT to do when dealing with a hoarder and their issues

15:03 Helpful ways to help with hoarding

16:45 What is the situation when you work with Julie on hoarding

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com