[PODCAST] 186: Photo Organization Part 2

Part 2 of where Certified Professional Organizer Darla DeMorrow talks about how to get your photos organized in a simple and efficient way.

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1:35 How to deal with the overwhelm issue

2:05 Differences between printed and digital photo organizing

3:32 Dealing with a large volume of pictures

4:37 Getting pictures all in one place

5:47 Sorting digital pictures

6:38 Best kept secret of digital photo organizing

8:43 Deciding what to keep

9:14 Dealing with 3D items

9:39 How to enjoy what you keep

10:49 Printed photo book creation

11:24 How to name and search for digital photos

12:54 Using Meta data and archiving items

14:14 Tools and apps for photo organizing including backups

16:24 Association of Personal Photo Organizers: www.APPO.org

Darla's Website:  www.HeartWorkOrg.com