[PODCAST] 185: Photo Organization Part 1

Certified Professional organizer Darla DeMorrow talks about how to get your photos organized in a simple and efficient way.

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1:05 Why it's important in September to think about organizing photos

1:38 What would you do if you had to evacuate your home?

2:08 Being prepared for an emergency

2:49 How to deal with photo overwhelm

4:03 Tackling a large photo organizing project

6:11 New ways people use photos

8:11 How to order and organize paper based photos

10:05 Process for digitizing paper photos

10:35 Three Categories of photo organizers

12:09 Scanning and reviewing photos

14:03 Curating your photo collection

16:24 Association of Personal Photo Organizers: www.APPO.org

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Darla's Website:  www.HeartWorkOrg.com