[PODCAST] 184: Season Four Highlights

We flashback to some of the best tips and highlights from season four.

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0:36 Common Organizing Mistakes - Diane Albright

2:07 The Way We Talk When Organizing - Janine Sarna Jones

4:15 Different Types of Filing - Ellen DeLap

5:30 Digital versus Paper - Julie Bestry

6:26 Taking Organizing to the Next Level - Amy Tokos

7:27 Productivity Using Apps - Deb Lee

8:53 Email Management Tips - Debbie Rosemont

11:34 How to avoid being late - Geralin Thomas

13:32 Simple Organizing tips - Maria Gracia

14:02 How to Organize a Move - Veronicac Bishop

15:04 How to overcome organizing challenges - Linda Samuels

16:36 Is the Kon Mari method for everyone? - Louise Kurzeka

17:59 Email Pitfalls - Jan Lehman