[PODCAST] 182: The 4 Phases of an Organized Life Part 1

Professional Organizer Lisa Woodruff describes the 4 phases of life and how to get organized in each.

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1:05 The Mindset of Organization

1:20 How Lisa discovered the 4 different phases

2:47 The First Phase: Birth - Age 21

3:18 The bedroom as the "Mini Apartment"

5:35 How clothing preferences play into organization

7:29 How to organize the closet

08:32 What changes in the high school years

11:27 The Second Phase: Age 21 - Age 35/40

12:58 Accumulating Stuff

14:28 Considering the container

15:40 Your first apartment and the tools you need

16:31 Working with a roomate or spouse

17:30 Creating a home for your stuff

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Lisa's Website:  www.Organize365.com