[PODCAST 177] Getting Your Most Important Work Done - Part 2

Professional Organizer Jan Lehman discusses your most important work during the day and how email management can help in achieving success.

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01:46 Recap from last episode - Identifying your most productive time zone

Watch or Listen to Part 1 of this Podcast: CLICK HERE

02:21 Dealing with large volumes of email

03:11 How email keeps you from getting your most important thing done

03:40 Two reasons we have problems with email notifications

05:10 How to manage interruptions

05:48 Dealing with "Gray Mail" using filters

07:04 How to keep the inbox from growing

09:50 Curating folders

10:20 Responding to emails on your phone

11:49 What Jan keeps open on her desktop

12:50 Apps Jan recommends for productivity

12:55 Communication and project management tools: Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Trello

13:50 Tying email management into your top 3 things to get done

14:15 Using your inbox as a to-do list

14:31 Setting up a project folder

Jan's Website:  www.CTCProductivity.com