[PODCAST] 176: Getting Your Most Important Work Done - Part 1

Professional Organizer Jan Lehman discusses your most important work during the day and how to ensure it gets done with very little interruption.

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1:16 The three different areas of CTC Productivity: Time, Technology and Talent

1:58 Where to start – time management and what we can do to make a difference

2:41 Taking someone through the time management process

4:00 Not allowing people to disrupt your most focused time

4:45 Knowing your three most important priorities of the day

6:15 The three places to look to know where your time should go

7:10 Picking the item that will have the biggest impact

11:30 How to transition out of your protected time

12:45 Dealing with the rest of the day

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Jan's Website:  www.CTCProductivity.com