[PODCAST] 169: Practical Minimalism

Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses minimalism and how to accomplish it without having to go to the extreme.

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1:50 Defining minimalism

2:40 Not feeling burdened by our stuff

3:25 Would more stuff cause someone’s emotional reaction to run higher?

4:35 Applying minimalism in the office place

6:10 Your personal items at your desk – choosing things that inspire us

8:50 Getting minimal in the home

11:10 Getting your wardrobe down to the essentials

Podcast referenced on "Wardrobe Capsules":  Keeping You Organized Episode 144

11:57 Putting your time into a minimalist lifestyle and how to do it

13:25 Two or three things to start with to begin a minimalist lifestyle

Debbie's Website:  www.ItsSimplyPlaced.com