[PODCAST] 168: Five Organizing Challenges and How to Overcome Them - Part 2

Professional Organizer Linda Samuels discusses the top five organizing challenges heard from clients and the unique ways to try to handle them.

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1:20 A brief recap of Part 1

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1:50 Challenge Three: Emotions

3:05 Handling your emotions when they come up during organizing

3:38 Being aware of kinesthetic sympathy

4:50 Finding a way to be comfortable with letting something go

6:25 Taking a break

8:36 Enlisting help in a non-judgmental person

8:58 Challenge Four: Maintenance

10:00 Building in maintenance time

11:55 Challenge Five: Mindfulness Issue

13:15 Thinking about other things instead of being present

14:35 Not beating yourself up for what you didn’t do

15:00 Completing the circle

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