[PODCAST] 161: Getting Organized for a Move: Packing and Unpacking - Part 1

Professional Organizer Veronica Bishop lets us in on moving and packing tips and what to avoid to save you time and money!

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1:43 Where to start?

2:30 How to know what to throw away

3:00 Strategies for getting things from one place to another

4:30 Eliminating issues by labeling boxes properly

5:35 What to use for the “emergency box”

6:25 Thinking about furniture and your new home

8:45 The technique for getting your things into boxes

9:00 Different boxes for different things

10:00 Good places to get boxes

11:15 Tips that the packing pros use

13:50 What to use for garage item packing

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Veronica's Website:  www.OrganizersNW.com