[PODCAST] 156: Productivity: To App or Not to App Part 2

Certified Professional Organizer Deb Lee discusses productivity, time wasters and if you really need those apps to help you out.

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2:05 What works and what doesn’t when working with clients

3:33 Finding the right app to fix the right issue

4:03 Apps that Deb uses to help with productivity

4:10 The “Slack” app and how it works

9:30 Apps for scheduling

10:18 The “Due” app that Deb uses everyday

13:12 Other apps that Deb really likes (links below)

15:55 Deb’s secret productivity project coming up

17:15 Deb’s business and how to get a hold of her

19:05 One piece of advice for people who want to be more productive

Apps Mentioned by Deb

1. Unstuck www.Unstuck.com

2. Google Goals https://blog.google/products/calendar/find-time-goals-google-calendar/

3. Start a Resolution www.startaresolution.com/

4. Wonderful Day www.wonderfuldayapp.com/

5. Any.do. www.any.do/

Deb's Website:  www.DAllisonLee.com