[PODCAST] 155: Productivity: To App or Not to App Part 1

Certified Professional Organizer Deb Lee discusses productivity, time wasters and if you really need those apps to help you out.

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1:39 High level productivity points

2:25 Common roadblocks that need to be removed

3:25 The fear of the unknown

4:10 Keeping a time log to see where your time is going

6:50 Assessing your time log and tracking your time

9:40 A brief overview on how to use Google Calendar

13:15 Figuring out the path to accomplishing your goals

14:25 Tying your time log into your goals

16:50 Handling reoccurring events on a paper calendar

18:01 Common time wasting issues with Deb’s clients and how to resolve them

20:00 Apps that Deb recommends for goal setting

Wonderful Day:  www.WonderfulDayApp.com

Unstuck:  www.unstuck.com

More apps to be discussed in Part 2 of this Show

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Deb's Website:  www.DAllisonLee.com