[PODCAST] 144: Creating a Wardrobe Capsule Part 1

Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas discusses the history of wardrobe capsules and how they are still relevant and practical today.

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1:40 What is a wardrobe capsule

3:06 History of particular clothing vs. what happens now

4:25 The concept of a capsule and ideas of how to start

6:06 Geralin’s Pinterest board of capsules

6:50 Benefits and ways to apply capsules to your wardrobe

9:16 Geralin’s virtual organizing services and how she works with clients on capsules

10:33 Why clients hire Geralin for wardrobe help

11:55 Factors that come into play when creating capsules

13:35 How Geralin’s background ties into wardrobe expertise

15:05 Why do clothes come back in cycles?

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