[PODCAST] 143: How to Overcome Negative Talk...

Certified Professional Organizer Janine Sarna-Jones discusses the negative talk that happens within yourself and how to overcome that to avoid the ripple effect.

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2:45 How negative talk can affect what you do

3:45 Berating yourself and how it’s a big time suck

4:25 Why do we do this?

5:41 Janine’s goal to get clients to champion themselves

6:51 Tactics to help someone overcome how they talk to themselves

9:15 How negative talking can affect other people

11:00 How Janine deals with negative attacks on her

14:00 The importance of putting out positive feelings

17:20 How your negativity has a ripple effect

18:08 What can we do to be better organized with positive talk

19:20 Turning a negative thought into a positive action

Janine Sarna-Jones is owner of Organize Me Inc., a productivity and organizing consulting company. Janine is a Certified Professional Organizer® and works with individuals who want to be more productive on a daily basis in their home office or at work as well as individuals and families who are moving from one home to another.