[PODCAST] 141: Season Three Highlights

We flashback to some of the best tips and highlights from season three.

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1:37 Behind the scenes on Designing Spaces

2:28 The Cascading Wall Organizer

3:40 Quick wins for decluttering your kitchen

4:55 Using your prime real estate wisely

5:15 Julie Ulmer describes the Life Document Organizer Kit

7:02 Popular questions professional organizers get

8:40 How to get people to prioritize

10:24 Preparing laundry for different seasons

11:15 Different types of networkers

13:33 Changing how we approach things such as spring and fall cleaning

14:30 Mistakes people make in being productive

15:25 Reasons we get stuck and how to know what “next” is

16:40 Going small

17:17 Tracking your time

18:15 Prime real estate on your desktop

19:15 Maximizing your outdoor zones

20:40 Veronica Bishop talks about the Life Document Organizer

21:21 What key documents should clients gather

22:18 Raising problem solvers, not direction followers