[PODCAST] 140: An Organized Kitchen for Healthy Living

Professional Organizer and ex-professional chef Julie Ulmer gets us into the kitchen and assessing our tools and space to make it a more functional area for healthy living.

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1:20 Julie’s background as a professional chef

2:31 Techniques and hacks in a professional kitchen that can transfer to the home

5:05 Having everything in place to keep things in order and simplified

6:24 Easy ways to make people’s kitchens more efficient

11:45 Julie assess kitchens and what doesn’t belong

14:15 When kitchen items don’t belong in the kitchen

16:42 Items that do the same thing; do you need both?

18:15 The best way to store and handle large utensils

20:55 How to use and store your knives at home

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com