[PODCAST] 138: How to Help Your Student Own their Time and Responsibilities: Part 1

Professional Organizer Leslie Josel discusses time management for students and how to help them start to think differently.

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1:56 The main problem parents are trying to solve and Leslie’s advice to them

4:20 The importance of working with both the student and the parent

5:05 Raising problem solvers and not direction followers

6:15 Telling less and asking more: the way to get students thinking for themselves

8:33 Steps to take to get your child thinking on their own

11:14 Scaffolding and Leslie’s meaning behind it

12:42 How Leslie works visualization into her academic planners

14:03 How often should students work with their planners

15:00 Where the parent comes in when working with their student

16:00 The “Waffle” system

18:20 How are you going to remember to remember?

The Student Tools Leslie Mentioned:  Academic Planners

Leslie's Website:  www.OrderOOChaos.com