[PODCAST] 136: Productivity for Engineers and other Techies

Professional Organizer Lori Krolik discusses different ways to be productive and alternate ways to keep yourself organized.

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1:15 Are techie people organized?

1:50 Lori’s take on engineers and organization

2:30 How has organizing changed with paper to electronic

3:12 The need for paper that is still present

4:30 How Lori organizes

5:30 The principals of working with your calendar

6:25 To-do lists vs. calendars

7:30 Day to day or weekly planning?

8:30 Lori shares a client organizing story

11:35 What’s available on Lori’s website

12:50 Challenges people face when working from home

14:45 How timers can be a big help

15:10 Managing interruptions while working at home

16:10 Getting a handle on electronic interruptions

17:30 What Lori’s specialized certification means

18:20 Common organizational problems amongst office workers

19:48 A good system for dealing with business cards

21:00 Lori’s favorite app

Lori's Website:  www.MoreTimeForYou.net