[PODCAST] 135: Life Document Organizing

Professional Organizer Veronica Bishop receives a gift from Smead and gives us her take on the Life Documents Organizer and how to use it.

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1:22 Why life documents are important to keep organized

1:48 Veronica’s first impression of the Life Documents Organizer Kit

2:25 Key documents advised to keep in the organizer kit

3:45 The reveal of Veronica opening the Life Documents Organizer

5:30 Veronica explains the Viewables tabs

7:25 How to assemble the Life Documents Organizer Kit

10:20 Were the labels sufficient?

15:00 The Life Documents Drawer Kit

15:33 Clients reaction to the organizer

17:00 Feedback from younger audiences

19:00 The peace of mind that comes from this kit

21:00 Can organizing this kit be done virtually?

Organizers Northwest Website:  www.OrganizersNW.com

Veronica's Review of the Life Document Organizer:  http://organizersnw.com/life-documents-organizer-kit-product-review