[PODCAST] 134: How to Deal with Chronic Disorganization

Professional Organizer Lynne Palumbo discusses chronic disorganization and what can be done to deal with it and how to try to overcome it.

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1:25 The definition of chronic disorganization

2:22 Lynne’s background in chronic disorganization

2:50 Indicators of someone with chronic disorganization

4:10 Alternate solutions for helping people

5:40 Traditional solutions vs. nontraditional solutions

7:10 Do hoarding and chronic disorganization go hand in hand?

8:08 Hope comes for a client with chronic disorganization

11:52 How a chronic disorganized person deals with time management

13:30 What type of planners work?

14:15 Underestimating time and how to fix it

15:20 Is social media and chronic disorganization linked?

17:11 How to let go of sentimental items

1910 How to get in the “zone” of decluttering

20:15 Lynne’s tips if you are feeling disorganized

Lynne's Website:  www.LPOrganizing.com