[PODCAST] 132: Routines and Organizing Essentials for Students

When the school year comes to a close, it's easy to break routines. Certified Professional Organizer Kathy Jenkins discusses routines and organizing essentials for students.

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01:30 Kathy's journey into Professional Organizing

02:40 How Kathy's son was instrumental in getting her to work with students

3:15 About the Organizing Tutor

04:55 Organizing essentials with elementary kids

05:55 The importance of routines

7:05 Training the child to get into routines

08:50 Approaching different learning styles 

09:45 The importance of keeping the parents involved

11:30 Why analog clocks are critical

14:45 Getting and keeping a high school senior organized and motivated

16:15 The saga of a 10th grader

20:00 How different thinking styles affect organization


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