[PODCAST] 131: Letting Go of Clutter

Author and Professional Organizer Jennifer Ford Berry discusses her book "Think and Live Clutter Free" and the mental state that comes with letting go of clutter.

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01:32 The reason why we accumulate so much clutter

03:05 Jennifer's client who was creative about "letting go"

04:20 The framework to Think and Live Clutter Free

05:20 The relationship of clutter to your health

07:20 Jennifer's journey into Professional Organizing

09:23 The unique story behind Jennifer's first client

12:15 Highlights from the "Organize Now!" book series

14:12 Time management for you and your family

15:30 The secret of the schedule

16:15 What Jennifer uses to organize her day

18:10 To-do lists and why they are helpful

19:48 How you should feel when you walk into your home

20:45 The first place to start when organizing

22:15 How a client tragedy turned into a triumph

Jennifer's Website:  www.JenniferFordBerry.com