[PODCAST] 130: How to Set and Keep Boundaries

Boundaries are important to make our life functional and less chaotic; Certified Professional Organizer Erika Salloux tells how to set and keep them.

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1:25 How to define boundaries and the misconceptions that go along with them

2:40 The misconceptions with boundaries

3:40 The truth about boundaries

4:40 John’s boundary theory

5:20 Creating clarity with ourselves

6:15 Setting silent boundaries

7:30 Unconscious confidence

8:45 Setting boundaries even if you love your work

9:30 One way to set work boundaries

12:10 Is it OK to be selfish?

13:30 Face the fears of setting a boundary

14:25 Putting the situation into a positive light

15:08 Setting the boundary lovingly

18:15 Setting a boundary without needing to explain it

19:55 Being detached from the outcome

21:48 Sticking to the boundary

23:40 What to expect when you set and keep boundaries

Erika's Website:  www.Living-Harmony.org