[PODCAST] 128: Five Things Not to Forget When Spring Cleaning

Certified Professional Organizer Deb Cabral digs deep into the dark spots of Spring Cleaning and let's us know what we shouldn't forget to add to the list!

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1:31 The background to Deb’s five tips

1:58 Your computer desktop shortcuts

2:45 Cleaning the desktop AND the computer itself

4:22 Tips for cleaning the keyboard and mouse

6:26 What we forget in the kitchen: spices and condiments

10:10 Spring cleaning your pocketbook or purse

11:50 Deb’s tips for keeping your purse organized

13:32 A must-do tip for people with young kids

14:50 About Deb and her national TV show

Deb's Website:  www.DeClutterCoachDeb.com