[PODCAST] 127: The Three Legs of the Productivity Stool

Keeping your priorities in check can be a difficult task. Professional Organizer Seana Turner discusses the three legs of the productivity stool and how to keep them in balance.

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1:40 What is it with the “three” thing and the concept of the three-legged stool

2:25 The first leg of the productivity stool – Time

3:32 Understanding where you need to be and when

4:05 Good rules that go along with keeping a calendar

5:40 What really matters when picking out a calendar to use

6:40 Finding a common ground when keeping a calendar

7:32 How to get the most commitment out of your calendar

9:40 How Seana coaches people to find time in a crammed calendar

12:16 The Second leg of the productivity tool – Tasks

13:10 The two big things to keep in mind when assigning tasks

14:30 Should your inbox be your to do list?

15:00 What you don’t want to do when it comes to planning

19:05 The third leg of the stool – Having access to the things you need to get things done

20:00 Tips for keeping your supplies organized

20:50 The three legs recap and how they interact

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