[PODCAST] 126: Five Ideas for Figuring Out Your Next Step

Certified Professional Organizer Linda Samuels joins the podcast to discuss the "next steps" when your project becomes too overwhelming.

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2:00 Linda’s first idea for “next steps”

2:45 “Go Small” – the next most doable step you can take

4:36 The second idea – breathe deeply and reset yourself

6:00 What does it take to breathe deep and what are the circumstances?

8:00 The third idea – letting go and exercise your ‘flexibility muscles’

12:10 Idea number four – get comfortable.  Are you taking care of the basics?

14:00 Minimizing distractions by getting the basics covered

15:25 Idea number five – ask questions

16:40 Questions to ask yourself to get to the next step

Linda's Website:  www.OhSoOrganized.com