[PODCAST] 125: Tips for Being a Productive Entrepreneur

Certified Professional Organizer Erika Salloux addresses how to be a productive entrepreneur and how to avoid the obstacles of running your own business.

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2:00 Mistakes people make when running their own business

3:00 The struggle with entrepreneurs and boundaries

4:15 Is the customer always right?

6:15 Blocking off time and how to sustain it under pressure

10:05 How to deal with procrastination

11:15 Breaking projects into bits

14:45 How an entrepreneur prioritizes

16:45 Working on your number one priority and what the bigger issue is

17:30 The basic elements of a system Erika recommends to entrepreneurs

18:30 Keeping all of your tasks in one system

19:15 Let the need dictate the technology

20:05 Which productivity apps does Erika use?

Erika's Website:  www.Living-Harmony.org