[PODCAST] 122: 10 Goals for Spring Cleaning

Author, online blogger extraordinaire and professional organizer Maria Gracia discusses spring cleaning and the ten goals she sets for herself.

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1:50 How spring cleaning is perceived and how Maria tackles her's

3:30 Maria’s first goal for spring cleaning: Painting

4:15 Why paint first?

4:47 Some of Maria’s tips for painting

6:10 Goal two: Getting windows washed

8:00 Goal three: Getting rugs cleaned

9:20 Goal four: Launder heavy bedding and the process Maria uses

11:00 Goal five: The clothing weed out day

14:50 Goal six: Safety check

17:27 Goal seven: Rotating seasonal tools

18:54 Goal eight: Power washing and staining the deck

20:14 Goal nine: Getting patio accessories out

21:30 Goal ten: Maria’s personal goal of spring cleaning her schedule

Maria's Website:  www.GetOrganizedNow.com