[PODCAST] 121: Organizing FAQ's

Three NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Minnesota chapter members get together and discuss some FAQ's for organizers.

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1:50 About the Minnesota NAPO chapter

3:40 What are some questions that come up when you meet with an organizer

4:21 The “game plan” when meeting with clients

4:50 Popular questions that Christine gets

6:20 Focusing on one priority and how to start

8:00 A challenging client and their major question

9:30 Louise and Christine tackle a project together

12:50 Jinnet has to tell a client ‘no’

13:33 The NAPO code of ethics

15:10 How NAPO organizers differ from other organizers

18:02 Louise’s wheelhouse and what she would say no to

21:50 How Jinnet’s clients differ from Louise’s

22:45 The number one concern for people in a transition

23:40 Christine’s business and what type of people she works with

25:00 What clients should know before calling an organizer

Christine's Website:  www.Think-Organized.com

Louise's Website:  www.EverythingsTogether.com

Jinnet's Website:  www.LessIsMoreWorks.com