[PODCAST] 120: Organizing Your Life Documents

Getting your life documents in order in the event of an emergency is something we don't always think about. Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer discusses the importance of having documents prepared and a unique tool to help with the process.

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1:45 Why it’s important to get your life documents organized

3:00 Having papers segregated from regular piles can be helpful

4:15 How Julie approaches a client when starting to organize life documents

5:30 When is the right time to start

6:20 The importance of having conversations with loved ones

7:15 The goals someone should put in place to get their documents organized

9:36 The "Special Box" Julie received from Smead

9:45 What a Life Documents Organizer includes

14:30 What is the "Wheel of Organization?"

15:10 The importance of document categories

16:25 Online tutorials of www.Viewables.com

17:40 Two types of folders to use when organizing

19:15 The process of sorting and putting your kit together

20:50 Last minute tips on getting your documents or kit organized

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com