[PODCAST] 119: Decluttering Your Home

Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas discusses her new book and the small steps you can take to declutter your home.

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1:50 Geralin’s new book: Decluttering Your Home: Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets

2:25 The psychology of clutter and how Geralin approaches it

3:20 Geralin’s definition of clutter

5:00 How clutter varies between people

6:20 What is considered clutter?

8:00 Kitchen clutter and how to quickly eliminate it

9:10 Counter clutter and how to control it

10:33 Simplifying your electronic or digital life

11:30 Do backup services do any good?

12:30 Dealing with email clutter and why Geralin hesitates to share!

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18:00 Calendar clutter and the single solution to control it

18:50 The guilt that sometimes comes with free time

 19:50 Does verbalizing goal setting help?

20:40 It’s OK to leave white space

22:10 The checklist portion of Geralin’s book

Geralin's Website:  MetropolitanOrganizing.com/