[PODCAST] 118: Organizing with Coupons

Certified Professional Organizer Christine Daves discusses coupon organizing and the tools to help you.

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1:23 What to consider before starting to coupon

2:00 Getting kids to help

3:12 Do we really need the stuff we buy with coupons?

4:35 Some of the pitfalls with couponing

5:35 Planning strategies; starting with a list vs. coupons

6:40 What got Christine into organizing

9:11 The mental side of coupon organizing

9:58 How to make couponing relaxing

13:55 Tools you can use for couponing

15:35 Headings on Christine’s folder

18:00 Products for holding coupons

20:45 Coupon apps

Christine's Website:  Think-Organized.com/