[PODCAST] 117: Organizing Your Parents

Professional Organizer Jinnet Fowles discusses the importance of getting your parents organized and how to tactfully bring up the delicate subject matter.

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1:15 Jinnet’s background and how she got into organizing

2:20 The concept of organizing your parents and why we do that

3:45 The fear parents have in bringing up the future

4:10 Tactfully approaching a parent

5:10 Avoiding the phrase ‘the end’ when discussing preparing for the future

5:45 Some of the categories in the most need of being organized

7:00 The emotional attachment

7:51 The importance of setting boundaries and time limits

8:21 More categories that need to be organized

12:35 Tools to make organizing easier for parents

14:40 Keeping specialized documents all in one place

16:15 The Powerhouse Secret!

17:15 More tools and tactics for getting parents organized

18:10 Jinnet shares a client success story

Jinnet's Website:  LessIsMoreWorks.com