[PODCAST] 115: Goodbye Clutter!

Author, online extraordinaire and professional organizer Maria Gracia teaches us how to say goodbye to clutter for good!

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1:30 How Maria morphed from a Professional Organizer

2:40 How Maria defines clutter

3:16 The different kinds of clutter

4:32 Tips to deal with physical clutter

5:48 Handing small parts of clutter at a time

6:40 What to do with clutter that holds memories

8:15 How much to keep?

9:45 How to control the digital clutter

11:00 Taking the reigns over your email inbox

15:18 Defining and dealing with emotional clutter

17:24 The importance of writing things down

19:00 How emotional clutter affects you

19:43 Taking control of paper clutter

22:20 What you’ll find on Maria’s website

Maria's Website:  www.GetOrganizedNow.com