[PODCAST] 114: How "Deep Work" Leads to Productivity and Focused Success

Staying focused and productive in today's distracting world can be difficult. Author Cal Newport discusses rules for focused success based on his new book, "Deep Work."

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1:45 How Cal got into Deep Work and how it relates to his background

2:12 What is "Deep Work?"

3:55 The limit on how much deep work you can do in one session

4:45 How to classify what deep work is

5:55 What qualifies as deep work in Cal’s teaching profession

6:40 Why Cal wrote the deep work book and what he hopes to accomplish

7:50 Can anybody do deep work?

8:13 Deep work is a skill, not a habit

9:10 Does Cal teach deep work to his students

10:30 How neuroscience and philosophy play into deep work

13:30 How to learn the discipline of deep work

14:40 What a deep work session looks like

15:45 Strategies for scheduling deep work sessions

16:52 Having a target for deep work

18:05 Taking breaks during deep work

19:00 Social Media and deep work

19:50 “Draining the shallows”

20:49 Scheduling time for shallow work and time blocking

21:50 Is it OK to abort a deep work session?

Cal's Website:  www.CalNewport.com