[PODCAST] 113: Goal Setting Strategies

Tackling your goals can be tough. Certified Professional Organizer Lisa Montanaro discusses goal setting and the strategies you can use to make sure your goals stay on track.

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1:38 The goal setting craze and how Lisa feels about it

2:32 The feeling of achieving your goals

3:00 How goals differ from resolutions

3:20 The first thing to do after setting a goal

4:15 Are you set up to achieve your goal

4:55 Getting support in place

5:40 Lisa’s acronym for goal setting: S.T.A.R.T.

6:16 “S” getting a sense of your goals

6:32 How many goals should you set?

8:00 “T” establishing timeframes

8:21 “A” the analysis of your goals

8:33 “R” the reality check

8:48 “T” blocking off time for your goals

9:20 Sharing your goals and if it’s a good idea and if they are realistic

12:55 How we unpack a goal and get it on the calendar

13:30 Starting small

14:25 Making time for your goals

15:20 Making a quantitative goal attainable

16:45 Goal setting apps that Lisa recommends

18:25 The importance of accountability

19:40 Writing down goals vs. not writing them down

20:00 reviewing or achieving your goal

20:50 Positive and negative reinforcement

21:30 Setting an “anti-goal”

22:05 Saying no to negativity

Lisa's Website:  www.LisaMontanaro.com