[PODCAST] 111: The Lean Home

Certified Professional Organizer Amy Tokos discusses ways to keep your home lean and the Five S Organizing System to go along with it.

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1:40 Amy’s shift from engineering to professional organizing

2:30 Is the LEAN method taught?

3:45 Steps to applying LEAN to the home – the 5 S Method

4:10 The 5 S’s: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize & Sustain

4:55 Sort – Making decisions on all items

6:30 Having a “parking lot” nearby

7:55 Straighten – prioritizing the location of items

8:50 Where to keep the things you straighten

13:05 Shine – Less stuff = less cleaning = more time!

14:21 Getting into the routine of cleaning

15:40 Standardize – having a standard place for everything

16:55 A good way to label file folders

18:46 Sustain – Maintaining your home and delegating for success

Amy's Website:  www.FreshlyOrganized.com