[PODCAST] 109: Practical Ways for Setting and Achieving Goals

Author and Podcast Host Erik Fisher discusses goals and the practical ways to set and achieve them.

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1:45 About Erik’s podcast

2:20 How to get started in setting goals & why people struggle

2:58 Eliminating the word “impossible”

3:30 When you realize that something is actually possible

4:38 The first step

5:55 Triggers for brainstorming goal setting

8:30 Do you need to have a big picture?

9:20 The concept behind Erik’s “Ready Aim Fire”

10:30 Structures for writing intermediate goals

14:00 How many goals is too few or too many

16:00 How to bridge into your day to day life after setting goals

16:40 Is a to-do list part of the process?

17:30 Erik’s to-do list

18:35 How to make sure you’re staying on track

20:10 Erik shares memorable moments from his podcast

22:00 How to break the overwhelm

23:15 How to get a hold of Erik

Erik's Website:  www.BeyondTheToDoList.com