[PODCAST] 108: Fears that Keep You from Getting Organized

Certified Professional Organizer Julie Bestry discusses the fears that keep you from getting organized and how to overcome them.

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1:41 Innate fears that people don’t recognize in themselves

2:11 The first fear when getting organized – Just in Case

3:47 How long to hang on to receipts and what to hang on to

5:30 The fear of being without

7:40 The short term reason to keep a receipt

9:05 The fear of an orderly environment for creative people

11:23 Implementation intension

13:35 Recognizing the fear

16:00 The fear of letting go and negative emotions

18:00 Fear of emotional attachments

20:15 The “Sunk Cost” fallacy

24:41 The fear of the unknown

Julie's Website:  www.JulieBestry.com