[PODCAST] 107: How to Deal with Inheritance Absorption

Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer discusses inheritance and how to deal with more possessions entering your home.

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1:36 How to define the term “inheritance absorption”

3:00 Julie shares her experience with inheritance

5:10 Are you able to deal with loved ones possessions?

5:34 How much can you realistically absorb?

6:03 Think about the One In, One Out rule

6:33 Are things being stored properly?

8:25 How to pare down documents and what that it looks like

10:05 How to help your loved ones be proactive

11:35 A walking home tour and why it’s important

15:40 How to deal with emotional items that may enter your space

18:00 Deciding who gets what and how to divvy items up amongst siblings

19:35 Keeping memories, not things

20:14 How to deal with the photos – what to keep and what to throw

22:45 Julie’s final thought on passing down items

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com