[PODCAST] 106: Life Hacks: How to Get More Hours Out of Your Day

Certified Professional Organizer Lisa Montanaro discusses how to get more hours out of your day by adjusting small things in your daily routine.

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1:40 Easy things to do; creating a not-to-do list

2:27 The "brain dump" and why it should be done

3:20 Things to uncheck immediately off the to-do list

4:35 Be realistic with yourself

5:50 Save time by buying online

6:55 Is it possible to consolidate time?

9:40 Life hacks for your email at work

10:30 Writing better emails

10:58 Folders and filters within your inbox

14:40 Key areas that are real "time-sucks"

15:40 Separating your master project list from your daily to-do list

16:40 Making your lists more efficient

17:52 Hacking your calendar – compartmentalizing your time

20:00 Adding white space to your calendar

21:22 Lisa’s favorite time hacks

Lisa's Website:  www.LisaMontanaro.com