[PODCAST] 105: Planner Versus Multi-Tasker Organizing Style

Professional Organizer and Consultant Paris Love discusses two types of organizing styles and how they are different.

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1:20 Two Time Styles

1:42 The first one – The Planner

2:00 Characteristics of the planner

2:22 Are planners hard to be around?

3:35 What happens when you are at the mercy of other people

4:20 Do you learn to plan or are you born that way?

6:45 Some of the habits that planners need to have

8:00 Where a planner usually struggles

11:10 The other style – the multi-tasker

11:45 How to help the multi-tasker

12:58 Is it better to do one thing well, or to do multiple things just OK?

13:32 Are you a multi-tasker?

14:31 How to teach a multi-tasker to be more productive

15:30 How does it work to be both a planner and a multi-tasker?

16:13 The questions Paris asks clients regarding their styles

Paris's Website:  www.ParisLoveInstitute.com