[PODCAST] 102: Holding Effective Meetings

Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses strategies and tips on how to hold effective meetings.

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1:50 A good way to prepare for a meeting

2:15 Clarifying the purpose of the meeting

3:10 How to decide what type of meeting to have

3:33 Will an email suffice?

4:30 The different dynamics of meetings

5:00 Should an agenda be sent before a meeting?

6:11 How detailed agenda should be

7:05 Preparing ahead of time for meetings

8:45 Starting the meeting and what should be prepped

9:15 The importance of starting meetings on time

10:05 Reviewing the agenda before the meeting begins

13:45 Controlled breaks

15:06 The importance of following the agenda

15:45 The “parking lot” method

16:30 Timed updates and why they are important

18:05 Pause and debrief

19:25 Asking for headlines vs. the entire story

19:55 Finishing the meeting to get people on the same page

20:25 Assigning follow up tasks

21:15 After the meeting steps

23:31 Reaffirming ownership and asking for feedback

Debbie's Website:  www.SimplyPlaced.com