[PODCAST] 101: The Importance of Creating Habits

Professional Organizer Seana Turner discusses creating habits and why they are important.

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1:10 The definition of a habit

1:30 Do people have more bad or good habits?

1:52 Why are habits important?

2:27 The “three legged stool” of a habit

3:30 A trigger to a habit

4:35 Why the brain forms habits

5:45 How long it takes the brain to form a habit

6:40 The trigger/effect and how long that takes

8:40 Trying to eliminate a bad habit

12:50 How habits apply to organizing

13:40 How Seana helps clients form habits

17:05 The "Daily Trigger"

18:10 Implementing a habit into an organizing system

Seana's Website:  www.TheSeanaMethod.com