[PODCAST] 100: Getting Organized with Tech

In this live episode of the Keeping You Organized podcast, Certified Professional Organizer Deb Lee talks about tips for getting organized and more productive using tech.

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2:35 Deb’s involvement with NAPO

3:25 How to get people started in being more efficient with technology

4:00 Figuring out your pain point before you begin

4:50 If Deb could only have one app

5:10 Examples of how people are using apps in organizing right now

5:31 The Any.do app

6:45 The pain point Any.do helps resolve

8:55 Popular apps Deb’s clients are using

10:15 The benefits of Cloud storage

13:38 The state of Deb’s blog

15:15 Some apps in Deb’s “to test” folder

15:55 The “Strides” app and how it works

16:30 The calendar app that Deb loves

18:00 Trello – the project management app

19:45 The Pomodoro Technique app – the timer that keeps you on track

23:14 The rules of interruption while using the Pomodoro Technique

Deb's Website:  www.DAllisonLee.com