[PODCAST] 97: Organizing Tips and Highlights from Season Two of Keeping You Organized

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, we highlight some of the best organizing tips from season two.

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1:00 How to choose a professional organizer? Mary Dykstra Novess

3:25 The 3 essential for getting organized Linda Samuels

4:30 How to organize a healthy kitchen Debbie Lillard

5:20 Wardrobe wisdom Geralin Thomas

7:05 Delayed decision disorder Andrea Brundage

8:00 The four organizing personality types Deb Cabral

9:08 Add space to your life Kathi Burns

10:03 Green organizing Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

11:16 Tips for organizing kids and family Jamie Martin

12:20 Feeling good before you organize Liz Byrne

13:39 Getting kids to help with chores Amy Carstenssen

14:25 The secret to productivity during the holidays Tamara Myles

17:50 Staying organized while working on the go Helena Segura

18:40 The easy way to set priorities Ellen Faye

19:40 Get your desktop organized Ellen Delap

21:00 Organizing your end-of-life documents Kim Oser

22:20 Five tips that make your resolutions stick Ramona Creel

23:19 The “smart” way to set New Year’s resolutions Debbie Rosemont

24:20 How to get rid of stuff Seana Turner

25:25 “Crazy busy” is not a badge of honor Lisa Montanaro

26:18 The reality of a magazine-like space Amy Tokos

27:11 The 5S organizing system Veronica Bishop