[PODCAST] 85: Organizing with Lists and Routines

Professional Organizers Louise Kurzeka and Kathy Franzen discuss organizing with lists and routines in the office and home.

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01:31 Tools and strategies to be more affective in the office

02:27 Allow for breathing room

03:08 How to prioritize and using a reward system

05:00 The first thing to get control of in the office

06:30 How to get people to avoid checking email all the time

07:20 The correct way to deal with incoming email

08:33 How using a calendar as a checklist differs from a to-do list

10:57 Louise shares a client story and how they use a checklist

12:15 Allowing yourself some breaks during the day

15:40 Best practices for lists and routines at home

16:25 What is time blocking?

17:45 Creating a to-do list for the home

19:19 Breaking down your to-do list

21:30 How to get kids and adults calendars synced

23:25 Kathy shares a client success story

Louise's Website:  www.EverythingsTogether.com

Kathy's Website:  www.ProjectPartnerServices.com