[PODCAST] 83: Five Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Closet

Tips for cleaning out your closet and tricks to know what to keep and what to toss. Professional Organizer Liz Byrne tells us the five essential tips!

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01:25 Closet and the personal or non-personal space

02:21 Tip number one: What are you dressing for?

03:30 Can you categorize your clothes?

04:30 Sub categories within your categories

05:20 Tip number two: The 80-20 rule

06:40 How Liz sorts closets with clients

07:42 Tip number three: The Three F’s

12:44 The recap of the first three tips

14:42 Tip number four: Baskets for donations or dry cleaners

16:41 Tip number five: Have some good hangers

18:35 What to do with all the shoes

Liz's Website: AlchemyOfOrder