[PODCAST] 81:Seven Steps to Organizing Your Photos

Getting your digital photos and physical prints organized can be a daunting task. Professional Organizer Deb Cabral gives us seven steps to get those photos organized!

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01:23 Deb discusses her feature in a national publication

02:00 Step One: Gather your photos in one place

02:41 Step Two: Sort photos by date or topic

04:12 Step Three: Prioritizing your photos

04:45 The ABC’s of photo organizing

06:18 Where to store your paper photos

07:00 More tips on sorting your paper photos

08:36 Archiving your “A” photos

08:55 Step Four: Digitizing you photos

14:45 Step Five: Where and how to store your photos

16:00 Protocol for labeling your physical photos

16:45 Step Six: Parting with the “C” Photos

18:30 Step Seven: Setting up a system

19:41 Digital cloud storage

Read Deb's article: Seven Steps to Organizing Your Photos.

Deb's Website: DeClutterCoachDeb.com