[PODCAST] 80: How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

You may not realize it, but clutter and disorganization could be having an affect on how you sleep. Professional Organizer Hazel Thornton explains how to help clear the mental clutter.

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01:18 How getting more sleep ties into being organized

02:20 Do clients know they are losing sleep due to disorganization?

03:15 Tips Hazel gave a sleep-deprived client

04:10 Why having a time management system is important

05:00 Is there a perfect time management system?

05:55 Practicing Gratitude and why it’s helpful

06:55 Replacing positive thoughts with negative thoughts

11:05 Take Action – having a pen and paper handy

12:10 Identifying one thing to solving your problem or project

12:50 “Worrying is just mental clutter”

14:08 The best way to tackle a to-do list

16:00 Hazel discusses the steps on her clutter flow chart

17:30 Other tricks to getting more sleep

Hazel's Website: Org4Life.com